What might be the problem if my GPU consumption id 0%


So I am running one computer vision process (OpenCV imshow) and in that, I am seeing a CPU consumption through the system monitor.
it says around 68% and GPU is 0%

is there any issue? or Do I have to mention it specifically or add any flag?
I want to direct an image processing load to GPU.
how do I do it ? I am new to this, so please suggest any resources you have.

platform : Jetson Xavier (with seed studio board)

This is actually in the older TX1-based Nano forum. Since it is a third party carrier board, I don’t know which forum would be best, but perhaps this:

Are you running the program locally on the Jetson, and displaying it locally? Or are you using ssh? Did you verify with tegrastats regarding GPU use?

If you are using remote access, then this might be the cause.

If you are running locally, then you might want to find the output of this to see if NVIDIA drivers are running:
glxinfo | egrep -i '(nvidia|version)'
(if you don’t have glxinfo, then “sudo apt-get install glxinfo”)

Also, some of the software in some cases might not be able to detect the integrated GPU (iGPU), and revert to CPU. You should state the source of how you installed the OpenCV (someone else would need to say if that is a version equipped for GPU use with an iGPU on a Jetson).

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