What motor drivers should I use?

I’m currently working on a robot project, and I’m struggling to find suitable motor drivers that can work with the Nvidia Jetson Nano. The motors I’m planning to use are 12V with an 80 RPM rating. Unfortunately, my search for motor drivers and clear, Jetson Nano-specific tutorials has come up empty so far.

If anyone could offer recommendations for motor drivers that would be a good fit for my motors or share any guidance and documentation on how to effectively set up motor drivers with the Jetson Nano, I would be extremely grateful. Your help would make a significant difference in advancing my project.

Someone else will need to comment on motors, but I will suggest that as a fairly heavy inductive load, you’ll need to either power them from their own separate power source, or make sure the power regulation quality going to the actual Jetson is very high quality. Jetsons are rather sensitive to power regulation, and if regulation quality suffers under load, then what you’ll see is the Jetson mysteriously and suddenly shutting down for no “apparent” reason.

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