What? Music Interferes with Instructor's Audio. Adam Moravansky, Tutorial: Physics Ext. Kit 104

Dear Nvidian content creators,
This is a nice tutorial series. Well laid out and seems like a must follow for people trying to get familiar with the basics of physics in Omniverse. Particularly useful for folks wanting to participate in the Jetracer project.

Part 1 of the series is spot on, good pace, clear instruction, ideal beginner example w/o no real setup required. All around great - so I was looking forward to dedicating the time to work through the next 23 tutorials in the series.
However in Part 2, music is introduced in the background.
In Part 3, the music is almost as loud as Adam.
As a video person, I totally understand the temptation to have the music in, but I believe it takes away from the clarity of the instruction here, which in instructive vs. cinematic. In this case, less, can be more.
Music is totally appropriate for the opening and close and I think that is a great place to express that desire to enhance the user experience and express one’s artistic self.
Also I know a lot of people work with their own music in the background, so leaving the music out might be helpful for them.
Following tutorials in near real time requires concentration, since every single step is new. Imagine a baby taking steps trying not to fall over. As beginners, we walk on uneven ground.

It’s an ask, but for the sake of all the good work that has already been done on this series, and the good these videos can do for the community, I’d request that these video’s be re-exported sans the music track under the instruction.
Not to be confused with disabling Adam’s audio track. He’s great.
Otherwise it is shaping up to be a great series.


Thanks Zia! I’ll share this feedback with Adam and the team.

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Hi Zia,

you are of course completely right about this, the music has been added on top is unhelpful. If you really have trouble understanding any part of the tutorial I can share with you the raw video recordings before any professional grade value add was performed, just let me know.

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You are absolutely right Zia, there are a few episodes that have some audio issues. We are fixing them now. Thanks for reporting it back and we are moving to not adding any audio at all in our upcoming template update.

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Thanks so much. I really look fwd to the new release. In going through them I also noticed that there was one misnamed file and also maybe one or two segments that didn’t have a distinct ending… At least one where the narration seems to trail off.
If it is helpful, I can probably locate the segments in question.
Thanks again for taking the time and putting forth the effort to get these details right so that everyone can easily benefit from these excellent lessons.
Much obliged!

Hi Adam,
Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. 'Really enjoy the content and your excellent narration!
Thanks to the magic of AI nowadays, I was able to isolate the voice track and drop the music on my end - so that was a local solution.
I love cinema and scores… so I was a bit hesitant to leave a note but for my approach to learning, I find I most benefit from either silence or sometimes baroque music in the background. So I appreciate keeping this aspect ‘modular’ and customizable!
'Very exciting to have such a responsive team at Nvidia whose willing to address this. Thank you one and all!

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