What NVIDIA educational resources do I start with for the purpose needed (as described)?


I submitted the following question to NVIDIA customer service but they directed me to post in the forums here. Would someone please point me in the right educational resources? Here the question asked below.

"I have no tech background whatsoever. I recently watched a video on YouTube about the capabilities of NVIDIA Omniverse and NVIDIA Ace. My industry is marketing and advertising; and I do not know any programing languages. However, I would like to learn how to utilize NVIDIA Omniverse etc., for integration into my professional role. I’m not looking to become a computer programmer. My intent to use it would be just to integrate usage of the technology into a pre-existing role. I looked on your education pages and there are a lot of courses. I have no idea where to start or what to focus on. Would you please guide me as to what courses I should learn from NVIDIA so I can utilize the functionalities of NVIDIA Omniverse in my day-to-day job, without having to become a computer programmer? I would like to understand the capabilities of the platform and how to use it to generate conceptual briefs for clients, whether they are surreal or hyper-realistic. Thanks. "

Great question and thanks for your interest in Omniverse! As you have realized, NVIDIA Omniverse is a development platform so it is meant to be used as a foundation to build upon custom apps and tools. ACE provides all the tools necessary to create an AI-powered digital avatar but it’s not turnkey software.

This said we do have a host of service integrators that can be contracted to do custom development and build the custom app you are looking for. To investigate this avenue, you can fill out the “try it free” form for Omniverse Enterprise and someone will be in touch to explore options. Omniverse Enterprise Trial | NVIDIA