What options are there for a simulated world with OptiX? Omniverse, etc?

So far OptiX does everything I need, but am now looking at the step higher and am figuring out how I can incorporate various optix programs (sensor simulations) to get access to a central world, and get the meshes, objects, etc, that may move during runtime.

It seems that at a high level Omniverse would be good for this, but from reading some other posts, not sure this would work?

Any suggestions?

Any thoughts? @droettger ?

OptiX is just a general purpose GPU ray tracing SDK. It’s not a ready to use render or simulation engine.

If you need to load models to establish an animated scene, that would be all your responsibility as a developer.
The OptiX examples inside the SDK and the ones you can find links to on this forum show how you would be able to implement that, but that is a long way. On the other hand that gives you all flexibility you possibly need.

NVIDIA Omniverse is a much more high-level programming platform which comes with multiple render engines and a framework to develop applications and extensions.

It’s used inside the NVIDIA DRIVE Sim application which supports various sensor simulations. https://developer.nvidia.com/drive/drive-sim

There is also the NVIDIA Isaac SDK for robotic simulations which should also support sensors. https://developer.nvidia.com/isaac-sdk

The question is if you need to simulate something with industry standard sensors or if you’re planning to develop new sensors. If the latter, I’m not familiar enough with the exact capabilities of either simulation frameworks to say if it’s possible to program the physical properties of the sensors available in DRIVE Sim or Isaac for custom behavior.

I’d recommend asking specific questions on the respective Omniverse sub-forums: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/c/omniverse/300