what options does -fastsse use

I’m building the Nasa Overflow program on a 64 bit workstation with 7.x using the -fastsse compiler option. I’m having some issues running the code and would like to try to modify the -fastsse options by breaking the -fastsse options into the list of options and delete options till I see some changes in the results. So could you please tell me what options are generated by -fastsse. It’s not clear from the documentation exactly what options are used by -fastsse.


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Hi Bernie,

The exact options which “-fast” and “-fastsse” include can chage from release to release and platform to platform. However, for release 7.0 on an AMD Linux system “-fastsse” equivlent to “-O2 -Munroll=c:1 -Mnoframe -Mlre -Mvect=sse -Mscalarsse -Mcache_align -Mflushz -Mautoinline -Msmart”.

Hope this helps,