What role does tbcfile uefi_jetson.bin play in odm-data parsing?

As the subject indicates, would you like to explain:
What role does tbcfile (Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/uefi_jetson.bin)
play in odm-data parsing?


It is case by case. UEFI is not really automatically doing much of work related to ODMDATA.
The parsing is mostly doing the handle in overlay dtb.

If UEFI detects the odmdata enables something mentioned in overlay dtb. Then it will enable that overlay fragment.
But this is user defined work in device tree. Not any default behavior inside the UEFI code.

bootloader/tegraflash_impl_t234.py insert the following content into

uphy {
         status = "okay";
         hsio-uphy-config = <0x00>;
         hsstp-lane-map = <0x03>;
         nvhs-uphy-config = <0x00>;
         gbe-uphy-config = <0x16>;

Where does nvhs-uphy-config, gbe-uphy-config and gbe0-enable-10g etc be processed further?


Some of them in bpmp and some of them in MB1/MB2. The one you posted is in bpmp.

Let me go directly about this . We really don’t expect end user to modify odmdata randomly.

They are just fixed pattern that you can choose to use.

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