What should I do to write driver for thermal imaging camera on tx2?(video data--MIPI,communication ...

Hello,everyone.I have in trouble with developing driver for a thermal imaging camera on tx2. This camera’s video data are transmitted through the mipi interface but its communication interface is serial port(TTL).Generally,the communication interface should be I2C for normal mipi camera.But this camera is different.It makes me confused.What should I do to write driver for this thermal imaging camera on TX2?How can I get video data? I would appreciate it if you give me any suggestions about these two problems mentioned above. Thank you.

The serial port only use to config the sensor to output data to MIPI bus, current the reference sensor driver only use i2c/SPI you have to replace the i2c/SPI function call to serial port API to implement your driver.

Hello,Shanecc.That’s good to know.I will try this. Thanks for your reply!