What size/type of screws are needed for M.2 Key E slot?

The screw for the M.2 Key E slot has gone missing. I bought an “M.2 screw” on Amazon, but the screws are too small. What size screw do I need? Where can I purchase it?

The Standoff Solder Round is M3, you can choose screw accordingly.

Thanks, @Trumany. But I don’t understand what you mean. Choose accordingly? How can I choose if I don’t know what the correct diameter/thread/etc.? E.g., why were the screws that I linked to from Amazon too small? How could I have known, and selected the proper ones?

It should be M3 screw, can you check the one of Key M slot? They should be same.

Oh, I understand now. I initially misread your first response. Thanks!

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