What software can i take advantage of with my hardware

Nvidia has a lot of robot vision technologies these days.
Could someone please help me figure out which of them will be available for me to use, given my hardware?

  • nvidia rtx 3060
  • Realsense D415 camera

You have a pretty recent generation GPU which is fully supported by our GPU accelerated libraries, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility with your GPU.

As for your camera it may be harder to verify, so its worth trying and seeing if it works. As for which NVIDIA SDK or application - it depends on what you actually want to do in your application.
We have dedicated forums for specific SDKs where you can ask for advice.

The application is of the “pick and place” type. Sort of like the UR10 pick n place demo in the Isaac demos. But the objects to be picked up are of a somewhat more complex shape, and the destinations are wells, not a flat table.
And we need to check if unexpected objects have appeared in the wells en route. That sort of thing.