What the all|a|b|ab paramerter of "--flash" option mean respectively in sdkmanager

In “sdkmanager --help”, the “–flash” option have all, a, b, and ab parameter, not clear about them. Any document explains “sdkmanager --help” in detail?

The “a|b|ab” options are used for DRIVE PX2 and DDPX board. Each of these boards have two tegras on it, Tegra A and Tegra B. For Jetson boards, please use either “all” or “skip” option.

I found SDK manager GUI can reuse system.img, adn sdkmanager CLI should can do so. . So how can I reuse system.img under sdkmanger CLI?

We want find a way to trigger target board into RCM through IP connection, then use flash.sh script to flash target board, is that possible?


If you just want to flash, and you are reusing an image, and not adding extra packages after the flash, then you can just use the “Linux_for_Tegra/flash.sh” script (if you’ve run SDK Manager to flash once, then this is all in place…that content is from the “driver package”). A normal TX2 flash would look like this using flash.sh after the sample rootfs is set up:

sudo ./flash.sh jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1

The same thing, but reusing the image, is this:

sudo ./flash.sh <b>-r</b> jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1

Non-TX2s would of course use different options, but the “-r” would still be valid.

Dear Linuxdev,


We know this method can reuse system.img. But our mass production will cancel recovery button, so we have to trigger target board to RCM through IP connection. So far we found we can reuse system.img through IP connection only by SDK GUI. The SDK CLI can trigger through IP but can’t reuse system.img, while flash.sh script is the other way around.

So here we want to find a how to trigger through IP connection and then flash the target board under CLI?

I don’t know about the SDKM CLI, I’ve only used the flash.sh command line for this purpose. To be more specific, are you saying that you are flashing multiple TX2s, and that you need to “reuse” the system.img during multiple TX2 flash, but that the “flash.sh” “-r” option won’t work for this purpose?

Neither SDKM GUI nor CLI mode reuses system.img when flashing. They are using the same flashing command actually. The only way to reuse system.img is to add “-r” option to “flash.sh” script as mentioned by linuxdev.