what to do next

i have tx1…i am beginner… how to expertise…where to start…how to start…

please help me

It depends what you want to do. In general, normal operation is just Ubuntu 14.04LTS Linux, so anything regarding operation or administration of Ubuntu should apply. To read up on just normal operation read about Ubuntu. If you have more specific interests you might want to post on that.

One thing to know about this in general is that Ubuntu does not normally allow user “root” to log in directly, but root is the administrative account. The command “sudo”, when prefixed to other commands, grants root authority for that one command. This may not be noted in all documentation, so just be ready to prefix with “sudo” when a command is otherwise not allowed.

FYI, the user “ubuntu” (default pass “ubuntu”) has in the home directory of a brand new Jetson subdirectory “NVIDIA-INSTALLER”. If you go to that directory and run the command:

sudo ./installer.sh

…this will install the direct hardware-accelerated files. Your monitor may or may not show up correctly prior to that step.

If you cannot work directly off of a monitor you can use either ssh or the serial console for initial access. See this for serial console information:

If you flash to the newest L4T version R23.2, then one of the flash steps would do the equivalent of “installer.sh”.

The web URL for current Jetson TX1 downloads is here:
…you may need to register for login, but this is free…

hey thanks for reply.

i am seeing GUI…now…

i have a question…how to find which release is there in tx1 before flashing for latest version.

Latest version is jetpack 2.1 https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetpack

This will give current installed L4T version info:

head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release

JetPack 2.1 makes available L4T R23.2 under JTX1.
JetPack 2.0 makes available L4T R23.1 under JTX1.

By default JTX1 ships with R23.1.