What type of AWS instances support Morpheus?

Some questions have come up over which AWS instances support Morpheus. Currently, as of July 2021, the recommended AWS EC2 instances are the G4dn instance (supporting the NVIDIA T4 GPUs) and the P3 instance (supporting the NVIDIA V100 GPUs).

I just signed up for an AWS corporate account and I think we need to be upgraded as I cannot see any reference to the Nvidia GPU on those instances.

Morpheus 0.1 EA supports g4 (T4) and p3 (V100). The upcoming 0.2 EA will add p4 (A100).

Not sure about your AWS account question. Some AZ/region don’t feature all GPU instances IIRC.

not sure if it says where these instances are available, but…

As a new AWS coporate user, you have to request Amazon to elevate the account to obtain access to the instances.


James, that’s great to know. Thanks for sharing this information!

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your welcome matey. Were gearing up our AWS account to run an instance with morpheus. Were busy setting up the labs with the SI and Banking projects with all the background work.

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