What version of Miniconda Python 3.8 to install on Xavier NX 8GB

I have a Xavier NX 8GB running JP5.0.2 and would like to install Miniconda for a DonkeyCar project.

I need to install Miniconda Python 3.8 and would like to know which of the following options I should use:

Miniconda3 Linux 64-bit
Miniconda3 Linux-aarch64 64-bit
Miniconda3 Linux-ppc64le 64-bit
Miniconda3 Linux-s390x 64-bit

Since the processor in the Xavier NX is of an ARM Cortex A72 architecture, I believe that I should install the Miniconda3 Linux-aarch64 64-bit version.



The answer is: Miniconda3 Linux-aarch64 64-bit since the processor in the Xavier NX is an ARM processor.


Glad to know you found the answer.

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