What version of Visual Studio should I use with CUDA Version 11.7?

Just trying to get TensorFlow-GPU installed. I downloaded the latest version CUDA version 11.7. The installer states “Please install Visual Studio first to get the full functionality.” but it does not state which version of Visual Studio to install (not even a hint).

I need the FREE version (Community Edition) of Visual Studio.

The last time I installed Visual Studio it conflicted with Anaconda and other C Python compilers that I had already installed. I don’t want to mess up my system again.

From reading other forum posts, NVIDIA is not forthcoming with this information. Many of the other questions are for very old versions of CUDA and Visual Studio.

NVIDIA, please update the installer to state which specific version of Visual Studio to install for CUDA V11.7.

UPDATE: I found it at Installation Guide Windows :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation (nvidia.com)