What's mean dvp_o_ar0231_raw12_hdr_1920x1236_ab_ta_rccb_v7's param?


We want to calibrate the camera using nvmedia.

we found next sample.


What do the following parameters mean in the file?

How do I modify parameters to proceed with camera calibration?

EX) in the file
#line 68

Exposure control

20 3362 00 00 # C_GAIN 1.0 -> How to modify parameters to GAIN 1.2??


hello jinsankim12,

please refer to below,

Exposure control

20 3362 00 00 # C_GAIN 1.0
3362 <== this is the register address for DC_GAIN,
00 00 <== the input values settings

you should also contact the sensor vendor, and please check AR0231 register map for details,
you may also found the documentation under …/nvmedia/docs/nvmimg_cc_user_guide.md, please also refer to the notes and requirement for ar0231 calibration.


We have analyzed the example and this is an example for initial setting of camera parameters.

I want to change the camera parameter values ​​in real time.

The features I want are in the following document links.


Where can I find the NvMedia IPP framework sample code?