What's New in C# 6, C# 7 and Visual Studio 2017-Simpliv

C# is one of the most powerful languages in the modern world of programming. It has one of the most powerful type system. There was a battle for sometime between Java and C# and now we can say for sure that C# won that battle from the language features point of view.

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This Tutorial covers the following topics:

C# 6:

Autoproperties and Immutability
Expression-bodied members
Import of static members (using static)
String interpolation
Nullability, null-conditional operators
Index initializers
Exception Filters

C# 7:

Enhanced Tuples
Pattern Matching
Ref. Returns, Async Returns, Exceptions
Local Functions (more functional programming! :) )
Out variables literals

VIsual Studio 2017:

Improved Navigation
Run-to-Click (improved debugging)
Improved IntelliSense
Live Code Analysis
Live Unit Testing