What's the CAN Controller used in TX2 core board ?

What’s the CAN Controller used in TX2 core board ? I want to design the compatible carrier board for the TX1/TX2 , maybe reference TX2 core board CAN controller better ;

The current carrier board is compatible for TX1/TX2. Just follow the OEM DG to design custom board.

Hi Trumany :

 TX2 integrate 2 Chanel CAN , not the TX2 core board integrate , it's the Tegra chip integrate ?  

 What's the CAN standard Tegra chip supported ?  

Lei Lintao

It’s chip integrated in TX2. The carrier board already preserved CAN pins though they are unconnected in TX1 module.

You can find controller info in module datasheet:

CAN protocol version 2.0A, version 2.0B and ISO 11898-1:2006/11898-1:2015

  • Support ISO11898-1:2006 FD format and BOSCH FD format

Supports TT CAN

  • TTCAN Level 0, 1, and 2

Hi Lei Lintao,

These are the facts about CAN in Tegra:

T186 supports connectivity to two CAN networks. The CAN transceivers are external devices. T186 will support variety of CAN transceivers.

It supports CAN 2.0 and CAN FD Specifications.
Provide a 4KB RAM associated with each CAN controller.