what's the different with PVF and PGI Accelerator VIsual For

Dear Sir,
One of my users told me that they could use OpenACC through PVF. so I’m confused that what the differences with PVF and PGI Accelerator Visual Fortran are.
To my mind, PAVF should support OpenACC and CUDA fortran. but if PVF also support OpenACC and CUDA fortran…

I’m crazy

Hi Teslalady,

PGI Visual Fortran (PVF) is our Visual Studio IDE. PVF includes the PGI compilers with or without Acceleration capabilities (depends on the license).

So there’s really no difference between the two. PGI Accelerator Visual Fortran is just the product name for PVF with OpenACC and CUDA Fortran capabilities.

  • Mat