Whats the use of two front cameras?

I am trying to understand the purpose of two front cameras (As suggested for your demo applications). One camera with 120 fov angle and one camera with 60 fov angle is suggested.

What’s their exact use? Do they do the same thing (lane detection, car detection sign detection etc.), and then algorithm cluster their results to combine them, or do they do two seperate tasks?

Is the camera with 60 degree fov zoomed in to see farther distance? Or the cameras are identical except their fov angles?
Regards, kadir

Dear Kadir,
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Could you please point me to the demo application you are referring?

Hi Siva,


I was referring to this sample application in my question.

“” Even though the SignNet DNN was trained with data from cameras setup pointing in various direction of the sensor rig (see the list above), it is recommeded to use it for the following directional and FOV setup::

Center-front camera location with a 60° FOV.
Center-front camera location with a 120° FOV.  ""

Dear abdulkadirbeytorun,

60° FOV camera is for long range.
120° FOV camera is for short range.
Please refer to https://developer.nvidia.com/drive/drive-hyperion
2x front cameras (120 FOV and 60 FOV) for Euro NCAP safety and basic L2 features
Maybe you can guess that’s why hyperion kit has two front cameras. Thanks.

Thank you Steeve for your through explanation, its more clear now. Have a nice day