What's with the old/broken version of PyTorch for Orin?

I can install PyTorch from the wheel from here:
which I found here:
Installing PyTorch for Jetson Platform - NVIDIA Docs
This is the version in the model zoo.

But, then I get errors like this:

    raise ValueError(f"Unknown CUDA arch ({arch}) or GPU not supported")
ValueError: Unknown CUDA arch (8.7+PTX) or GPU not supported

This seems to be a know error:
CUDA 8.7+PTX isn’t in the list of supported arches · Issue #94438 · pytorch/pytorch (github.com)

If I instead use a docker container:

Then everything works OK. If I check the Pytorch version, I see its ‘2.0.0a0+ec3941ad.nv23.02’.

Is there a link to the correct Pytorch wheel somewhere, so I don’t have to compile it myself?

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Hi @dnhkng, can you refer to this topic:

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