Wheel encoder data from Isaac sim and Ros2 & GNSS

Hi am trying to test a pose estimation from wheel encoder data. How would I be able to this. I would also like to fuse this with GNSS data would this be possible in Isaac sim?

Hi @chandravaran2000 and welcome

yes you can do it!
You can use an EKF and merge all these odometry together, but remember to disable from Isaac ROS vslam to publish the odom tf

You can use such an example the ros2 robot localization package that include a EKF


Thank you for the reply, we have been looking into this, firstly how do we enable GNSS can’t seem to find documentation and from a post I read it may not be implemented.
Secondly, we looked at the graph and we were getting odometer data directly with no wheel encoder data from Isaac Sim so could you help us figure out how to enable these two features?

The robot_localization documentation is poorly maintained on ROS1, but there is a maintained branch available on ROS2.

To add the GPS data look here: Integrating GPS Data — robot_localization 2.7.4 documentation , but you need a node in ROS2 able to publish GPS topics like requests from this package. Have you checked if your GNSS vendor provides a ROS2 package? It might be worth exploring this option.

When using Isaac SIM, it is possible to emulate the wheel orientation, but it does not support low-level encoder emulation, such as signals generated from an incremental encoder. For more information, please refer to the Isaac SIM sensors documentation.Physics Based Sensors — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation