Wheel´s rotation is not effective

This is a follow up for already solved issue here:

Now I have animated the rotation of the skeleton. The wheel is rotating when I adjust the rotation value, but the saved keyframe is not effective for wheel at scene playback.

What might be the problem?

Hi Pekka, I suggested you please ask about the issue at Create or Machinima channel, since it’s no more an Unreal connect problem. You’ll get the answer more quickly.


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Okay, moved it to here, Machinima.

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Howdy @pekka.varis ,

From what it appears in your video, that definitely set two keys which should generate a result. Maybe not the one you eventually wanted, but certainly SOMETHING. I will create a bug for this and talk to the animation guys about it.

Thanks for your continued example of teamwork between development and power users!


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Hey @pekka.varis The current release does not support keyframes on Skel Joints. USD skel joints are not prims. A solution is currently in development and we are adding this feature soon.

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