When and how the .DTBO files are loaded?

There are several device tree overlay .dts files under the ‘kernel-dts’ folder, and they will be compiled to .DTBO files under the /boot/dts folder. Then how and when these overlay are loaded? As known, I.MX use overlays.txt and Rasp use config.txt to indicate which overlays are loaded when boot. How L4T handle this? I need to know it’s behavior to add my overlays.


You can track the uart log and you shall see cboot load the dtbo files.

Are there any configuration file to tell which .DTBOs are needed to load? Or I can simply put my .DTBO into the same folder and CBOOT will load them?


no, you shall modify FDT field inside /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf so that cboot will load the dtb from the filesystem instead of partition.

Ok, I know it’s cboot do the load action. Then which files are loaded? All dtbo files will be load? If so, I think I can compile my own dtbo files, and put them in the /boot/dts folder, then expect cboot will load them automatically, right? I need someone confirm this, 'cause we designed our own carrier board, and the GPIOs usage is different from the devkit, so Jetson-IO may not work well for us. Because it seems Jetson-IO limit the customation to the headers the devkit exported, but our board use some GPIOs not routed to the headers.


Why not you just try jetson-io on devkit first, read the uart log on devkit and see what is the difference before and after applying jetson-io?

You will find the answer by doing so.

OK, I’ll try it.


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