When are Jetson AGX EU back in stock?

both of the official distrubuters can’t sell or ship Jetson AGX Devices currently.

Is there some official date when they will be available again?

Is there a big difference between the EU or US Version, or is it just the power plug ?

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We are having challenges with various components and are working continuously to address the issue. In meantime, if you are building a commercial product might want to consider our partner systems if they have inventory.

For EU or US Version, the power cord is only difference

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thanks for the replay,

so there are probaby no restock in the next few months?

we are currently evaluating, but with only one jetson agx it’s a bit difficult
the other option would be working with gpus but the gpu stocks are also empty.

I don’t know, but our team are doing best to ship products ASAP.

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