When are you finally gonna open the source of the drivers?

Guys, when are you finally gonna open the source of the drivers? It’s obvious you can’t make the proper drivers on your own! Everything above v530 is an absolute crap! Yesterday I updated the drivers to v535.86.05-2 in order to see if something’s gotten better but instead I found out it actually got a lot worse. For instance, this is my desktop: https://i.imgur.com/UA02KNt.png Whenever I right click on any program that uses the qt5 or qt6 framework, for about 1 second I can see part of my desktop and only after another second or two the context menu is being rendered. Basically, this is what I see when I do a right click on any qt program: https://i.imgur.com/eOfW6vd.png So I downgraded the drivers back to the last decent driver 525.89.02 and this stopped happening. There are other problems too with 530+ but this one is the most noticeable.

I think it’s time you open the source code to the drivers and let more knowledgeable people help you with development bc it’s going from bad to worse for quite some time now.

Hi there,

I guess you are aware that this process has started already? Check out our Open Source kernel modules.

The image you share does, quite honestly, rather fit the typical symptom of Window Manager scheduling/rendering issues than actual driver bugs.

What would help us much more than summarizing driver issues with

Everything above v530 is an absolute crap!

is go to our Linux forums, follow the instructions on how to report issues and allow the “less knowledgeable people” to understand what problems you might have observed.

Thank you!