when Cuda 8.0 will be fully released ?

rumors saying somewhere in middle august
does someone know precise date ?

I want to know this too. It’s already September.

I need C++14 features from Visual Studio 2015 but I am still stuck with Visual Studio 2013 because CUDA 7.5 doesn’t support Visual Studio 2015. Need CUDA 8 ASAP.

looool its been 2 month after I posted that damn post

maaan you’re moving like a turtles , hardware is best but rest is shit !
don’t you have someone to reply sth ? sth even “I donk know” from your employees will be considered as an answer
but you dont give a damn …
only your yoshimitsu in his leather black jacket eats money all the time ))))) loool

Actually, they said something: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/938914/cuda-8-0-visualstudio-2015-update-2-error/?offset=17#4970028

The wait is over !
Cuda 8.0 released (and, finally, compatible with VS 2015 Update 3).

Thats great, finally !
So i have one question
8.0 is released , Nvidia plans to announce Volta GPU somewhere in the end of a 2017 allegedly.
will Volta require 9.0 version of CUDA ? or it will be compatible with 8.0 ?

Best Regards !

In general new CUDA Architectures are backwards compatible with applications created with previous versions of the CUDA Toolkit. The CUDA language extensions are device independent abstractions.

When an architecture introduces new features then use of a new version of the toolkit is necessary to leverage them. It is very reasonable to expect another enhanced version of the toolkit when Volta and other GPUs architectures are introduced.

So Pascal based GPUs do not require CUDA Toolkit 8.0 - but applications will have the best acceleration when compiled with the latest toolkit and latest drivers, and leverage the latest features.

Thanks for your patience.