when I comiled the device tree , it occured the error


tegra186-quill-common.dtsi:24:41: fatal error: panels/panel-s-wuxga-8-0.dtsi

I searched the dir , the vesrion is l4t-r28.1, indeed it has not the file


I’m not familiar with “panels/panel-s-quxga-8-0.dtsi” but I will try help… You will need to provide more information, such as:

  • It might help to know what you are trying to do, are you modifying the device tree sources? Or are you trying to just build a fresh device tree (and maybe Kernel?).
  • Have you modified tegra186-quill-common.dtsi in any way?
  • Have you been able to successfully build the kernel (and/or device tree) previously?
  • What is the command you are using to build the device tree and can you provide the log (ideally the last few lines before the error),

If you are looking for panel-s-quxga-8-0.dtsi, it is located (in mine L4T Kernel 4.4):

  • {KERN_SOURCES}/hardware/nvidia/platform/tegra/common/kernel-dts/panels/panel-s-wuxga-8-0.dtsi
  • {KERN_SOURCES}/hardware/nvidia/platform/tegra/common/kernel-dts/panels/panel-s-wuxga-8-0-mods.dtsi
  • {KERN_SOURCES}/hardware/nvidia/platform/tegra/common/kernel-dts/panels/panel-a-wuxga-8-0.dtsi

You might find it is a relative path to directories just below the kernel. Try downloading your kernel source via the “source_sync.sh” script in the “Linux_for_Tegra/” subdirectory of the driver package:

./source_sync.sh -k tegra-l4t-r28.2

(adjust for release if not using R28.2)