When I flash jetson, Can I accelerate flash speed using Nvidia gpu?


When I flash jetson, Can I accelerate flash speed using Nvidia gpu?

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No, the system is not in a runtime state.

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Incidentally, a lot of the speed is controlled by the speed of the eMMC or SD card, which isn’t something related to computing power. There might also be a bottleneck in USB speed. The only part you can control is the size of the rootfs partition. Either use less content, or use the “sparse” image (which is the default, but there is a catch to that).

A raw partition is a bit-for-bit exact copy of a partition. A sparse partition is similar, but it only contains the non-empty filesystem content, and empty space is not copied. As a sparse partition is filled its size approaches that of the raw partition.

A normal flash will generate a new raw rootfs image every flash. Then it creates a sparse image from the raw image. The time to create the sparse partition increases time, but on the PC, it is so much faster than the USB that it saves time. On the other hand, if partitions (images) are already generated, then recreating them each time is pointless. You can tell it to reuse the existing images (which means no time to create either the raw or sparse partition image). The time to transfer all that data over USB is probably the biggest consumer of time during a flash.

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