When I use dlprof to collect profiling ,error Error Occurred: LargestUInt out of Int range

the nsys file collected successfully,but export the nsys to csv occurred error:LargestUInt out of Int range

So, a couple of things:

dlprof has end-of-lifed, we’ll support you there if we can, otherwise we are looking to add any missing functionality into Nsys directly. What are you hoping to do?

What was the call to nsys? is there a chance that we can avoid this by changing duration or number of metrics collected?

l only collected 1 iteration, this error also occurred. but I collected dlprof during training on one device successfully, but when i want train model in 2 or more gpu this error occurred.

Do you have the .nsys-rep file and can you share it?

I can‘t download the nsys-rep form our server, but I can give the information you need.

Okay. If you have the .nsys-rep file, you can export it into a different export format and examine it there.

nsys export --type=sqlite myfilename.nsys-rep

There are also options for text/hdf5/json… (see (direct link, no matter what the link text says User Guide :: Nsight Systems Documentation)) but the sqlite should be the most bulletproof. It is what we use for our internal expert systems and statistical calculations.

Then check that to see if we really do have something stupidly out of line in the data

how export the .nsys-rep file to excel ,I want to analysis some ops using time,or you can give some way to analyse the op time

Which operations do you want time analysed? Have you taken a look at our built in stats scripts? User Guide :: Nsight Systems Documentation