When I use pca9685 and jetsonnano to control the steering gear, it force it off

I am using jetsonnano and pca9685 to control 12 steering gears, which will directly force Jetson to shut down when swinging. How can I check the reason for Jetson’s forced shutdown? I have used the external power supply, but it is still forced to shut down

are the grounds connected?

Yes, I have connected the GND and VCC of the signal terminal on the pca9685 to the Jetson. There are too many steering gears, so I chose the external power supply, which is connected to GND and VCC

In addition, my Jetson and pca9685 share the same battery. Jetson has a step-down board, and pca9685 are directly connected batteries. They are connected in parallel

Hmm. I’m running a similar setup on an RPi, though with only 4 servos at this point and it’s going ok. I will be swapping out with a Jetson though, at a later stage. What voltage are the motors? What voltage are the batteries? At what point does it shut down?

Also, are they lithium batteries? Some other batteries might not have the ‘C rating’ (i.e. can’t give out charge fast enough)

My battery is a 2200ma battery with 20c discharge efficiency. Its voltage is 7.4v. If my steering gear moves too much, it will directly shut down Jetson, but Jetson uses additional power supply

When I use less steering gear, it is also normal, but when some steering gears are heavily loaded or swing too much at the same time, they will be turned off directly

I suspect it is because the external power supply of the steering gear and the GND of I2C communication 1 are connected in parallel, because the steering gear was not shut down when controlled by other steering gear control boards in the past

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