When occur these errors in CUDA

  1. misaligned address

  2. illegal memory access was encountered

I got two error messages. But I don’t know when these errors occur…

Please, let me know!

Thank you guys

1 - What kind of misalignment are you referring to? Shared memory bank conflict?

2 - Generally referencing to invalid array position, like smaller than 0 or larger than its (length - 1).

Without seeing any code, I can only suggest you to look for some assignment like:

my_array[idx] = some_value;

And print “idx” on the screen BEFORE the assignment. Then you will know if idx is out of bounds at some point.

thank you for your reply.

  1. I use only global memory. So there is no shared memory bank conflict.

  2. I will check the GPU threads’ index. Thank you so much this is really helpful.