When our linux users can use omniverse view

I wrote this topic for help of nvidia omniverse on linux, I’ve read this blog “Omniverse Open Beta Now Available for Linux” and I installed omniverse-launcher on linux desktop, but when I try to install “omniverse view” from omniverse exchange,
there is only a windows version for omniverse view.

I registered my account in developer.nvidia.com and I downloaded the appImage: omniverse-launcher-linux.AppImage,

next when I want to install the extension named omniverse view, but I found there is no linux version.

Hi @guoyu07

We will make View available on Linux as some point in the future. Our first workflows with View did involve Windows, especially with some specific applications on that platform. With that said, we’ll be widening the reach of View and Linux support is in that future.

Please stay tuned.



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Is there any schedule for linux version?

Hello @q199493422! The development team informed me that a Linux version of View is on the schedule for late this year. We have a version working on the development side, but there is still work that needs to be done before pushing it to the public. While I say late this year, that may change. I know they want to make this available to you all as soon as possible.