When pca9685 is used with Jetson, Jetson shuts down automatically

I used a 5V power supply to supply power to Jetson through the GPIO power supply port, and then used a 7.4v battery to directly supply power to the steering gear on the pca9685 through the VIN terminal. However, if a large load is generated during the steering gear operation, Jetson will automatically shut down. What do I need to do?

If the power consumption generated by the steering gear is small, Jetson will not shut down, and will only shut down when the power consumption is large

It looks like your power supply capability issue, please check from that direction.

but I use two power supplies. Jetson and pca9685 are powered separately

You should check if it is power issue, like change a stronger power supply and etc.

Now, I’m using a 5v4a power supply to power Jetson alone, which seems to be the largest power supply Jetson can use

You should use oscilloscope to probe power supply to check if any voltage drop during heavy load. If so, it means the power supply capability is not good enough. Or you can just use another stronger power supply to validate. The real power consumption of nano depends on use case, also you can use command line “tegrastats” to show real power of module.

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