When running Graph Composer on Windows is there an equivalent to gxf_server?

My current work around is to run gfx_server on a remote Ubuntu server and configure the Graph Composer on Windows to connect across the network.
Is this how it is intended, or is there a way to run gfx_server or an equivalent on Windows?


No. Currently it is not supported.

Have faced the same issue.

Unlike Graph Composer 2.5 (Windows 10) - wherein the installed instance by itself fetched / resync’d the Registry…Graph Composer 3.0 doesn’t support that.

Steps to be taken:

  1. The “gxf_server” must be invoked on the CUDA enabled Linux device (e.g. Jetson).
  2. The Remote Server Address as configured in the Graph Composer 3.0 (Windows 10) client (& as accessed from Edit → Preference → Server → Server Address) must be configured to point to the GXF Server (running on the Jetson). In other words the Jetson’s IP address must be put in the Server Address.
  3. The Windows 10 client immediately looks up the Jetson’s IP address and populates the Registry Repo.
  4. You select the ngc_repo from the list and the Graph Composer 3.0 - Windows 10 client starts downloading the extensions/components.

Logs on the Server (Jetson) shows lots of incompatibilities and missing dependencies. But eventually, the Graph Composer Windwos 10 Client concludes that the repository synchronization is 100% complete.

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