When the port is down then up, the ptp clock is synchronized by the system clock

I found that the ptp clock will be synchronized by the system clock every time I down then up the port or start ptp4l. I wonder why there is such a behavior.

I found that in addition to the above behavior, when the ioctl(fd, SIOCSHWTSTAMP, &ifreq) driver is called, the ptp clock is also synchronized by the system clock, maybe someone can tell me why.

Hi Nico,

Thank you for posting your query on NVIDIA Community.

I would like to confirm if you are using MLNX OFED driver. THis can be verified by running ofed_info -s

As this requires debug, a support ticket will be needed. The support ticket can be opened by emailing " Enterprise-support@nvidia.com "

Please note that an active support contract would be required for the same. For contracts information, please feel free to reach out to our contracts team at " Networking-Contracts@nvidia.com "


Hi Namrate,

Thank you for your reply, the driver i use is as follows: