When the rosbridge is running, the CPU process of rosmaster is very busy

Hi, I’ve already successfully deployed my custom rosbridge into my jetson device. But somehow I don’t know why the CPU process of rosmaster is higher than 45% above when I was running my program. Is that normal? If not, how can I solve this problem. Thx.

Did I understand correctly that the rosmaster CPU usage went up by 45% after you stopped your Isaac SDK app on the other side of the bridge? How are you measuring the CPU usage? (top?) Could you elaborate a little more on the sequence of events and the CPU measurements at each step?

I did the following steps:

  1. Run my custom rosbridge(RosToProto) on Jetson device.
  2. Launch roscore or roslaunch to run my ros program.
  3. Check whether the bridge runs successfully.
  4. Monitor the rosmaster CPU usage by top.

That’s it. The program functions normally, but the CPU process of rosmaster is busy. I did not stop Isaac SDK app. I also found that the built-in app “ros_to_superpixels” has the same problem as I said.