When trying to load mlx5_core, I get an "unknown symbol" error.

I’ve built MLNX OFED undef OL7.5 with 4.14 kernel. Configured it to add kernel support and it all goes fine, but when I try to load mlx5_core or mlx5_ib, I get an unknown symbol error.

Which package provides that symbol?

mlx5_core: Unknown symbol __dtrace_probe___perf_xdp_exception (err 0)

I scanned all shared libraries installed and all RPM packages and I can’t find it.


This symbol is not part of the Mellanox code and it looks like you can some option enabled during compilation, but the kernel module that is responsible for this symbol is not loaded. Try to reboot the host and/or check under /lib/modules/4.14/modules* files which one has this symbol.