When use massflash to make the mfixxx.tbz2 file From A Tx2 device,the mfixxx.tbz2 file just including the OS part right?

The massflash tool is only used to clone the OS system, not including the installed software and saved files, right?

hello PF-Luckyboy,

may I know what’s your actual use-case.
it’s massflashing tool generates massflash blob, you may deliver this image blob to factory environment to deploy image flashing. this is also the image blob used to flash one or more Jetson devices simultaneously.

i want to clone the everything on A tx2 device and then flashing to the other B TX2 device, massflash tools can do that ? before i had try use the massflash device to make the ‘image blob’ from A but after flash success find that there is just OS Firmware, does not contain the software I have installed and my program code

hello PF-Luckyboy,

it’s APP partition for root file system, your modification in rootfs is able to cloned as back-up image.
hence, you should clone the source device’s APP partition to backup.img and backup.img.raw.
please also refer to developer guide for details, To clone a Jetson device and flash.

Thanks for the response
Yes Jerry ,the way you said we had try ,but this way just can flash the device one by one , so now mean the massflash tools just can clone the OS Firmware right? if want to clone the every things just can try on ‘APP partition’

hello PF-Luckyboy,

it’s system.img for APP partition only, your target also have several other partitions be flashed.
so, there’re three steps to deploy your use-case.
first, clone the APP partition and store that to your local host.
second, execute massflashing tool to generate the image blob.
third, extract the mfi_*.tbz2, overwrite the system.img with your back-up image file and generate another new tar ball for factory use.

Hello Jerry
From your reply, I understand this way. First, we use ‘sudo. / flash. SH - R - K app - G < clone > < board > mmcblk0p1’ to generate a system.img.raw and store it. Then we execute massifing tool to generate the image blob. Third, we copy the system.img.raw to MFI * Tbz2 /, and finally execute. / nvmasflash, and the flash target device will get everything mirrored, right?

that’s correct, you may have a try and please update the results if you need further supports.

ok thanks very much, will try use the above ways to verify then will update here

Hello Jerry
i had try do the following steps :
1.use the Mass flash to generate one blob also will got one tbz2 files:
sudo ./nvmassflashgen.sh mmcblk0p1

2.tar xvjf mfi_jetson_tx1_signed.tbz2

3.create the backup.imag.raw use the command can got backup.img.raw:
sudo ./flash.sh -r -k APP -G mmcblk0p1

4.Copy from Linux_terge/backup.img.raw to mfi_jetson_tx2_signed and name it system. Img

5.sudo ./nvmassflash --showlogs

the Two target device both been cover success and working fine

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