When using multiple ROIs in deepstream preprocess, only first ROI gives correct detections

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU): GPU
• DeepStream Version: 6.1

The following are relevant config parameters:


They correspond to left-top and right-bottom of a 1080p image.

I am achieving accurate detections in the first Region of Interest (ROI), located at the left top. However, when I swap the two ROIs, making the right-bottom the first, I observe accurate detections in that area but encounter false detections in the left-top section. When I mention “wrong detections,” I’m referring to instances where the model identifies objects that are not actually present.

  1. could you share the whole media pipeline? which sample are you referring to?
  2. about “swap the two ROIs”, do you mean to modify roi-params-src-0=0;0;960;544;960;530;960;544;
    to roi-params-src-0=960;530;960;544;0;0;960;544?
  3. using roi-params-src-0=960;530;960;544;0;0;960;544, I tested deepstream-preprocess-test. I did not see any “wrong detections”. please refer to screenshot b.zip (1.3 MB). could you provide some screeenshot of “wrong detections”.

Thanks for replying fanzh

  1. uridecodebin → streammux → preprocess → nvinfer →
    nvtracker → nvvidconv → nvosd → nvvidconv_postosd →
    caps → encoder → rtppay → udpsink
  2. Yes
  3. roiDetections.zip (91.4 KB) has two images with interchanged ROIs, we can see that one of the two ROIs in both the images has good detection, other has wrong detection, the one with the good detection is the first ROI.

thanks for the sharing! could you share the test video and configuration file? Thanks! I will use deepstream-preprocess-test to test.

Hi fanzh. I apologize for the delay.

  1. Here are the video file, and the config files for 3 different test cases and an example output image for each.
    video-and-conf-and-example-output-files.zip (10.1 MB)
    I have also included a details.txt which explains those 3 tests and what happened in them.

  2. I am also facing a new issue with preprocessing 1080p. It is getting stuck after processing one frame (it is working fine if it is slightly lesser in size than 1080p). Please tell if I need to raise a new issue with this or if it is ok for me to also ask about it here. Here are more details about it:
    new-issue-with-1080p.zip (3.0 KB)

Thanks for the sharing! I will have a try.

thanks for the sharing! I tested deepstream-preprocess-test to test on dgpu and DeepStream6.4 with your configuration file and source. but I can’t reproduce the issue. here are the details.
about "video-and-conf-and-example-output-files.zip ", I modified network-input-shape and roi-params-src. please refer to the log 1-3.zip (137.7 KB) including the configuration files and screenshots.
about “new-issue-with-1080p.zip”, I tested 1080p source with your configurations. please refer to log 4-6.zip (799.5 KB) including the logs and screenshots.


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