When using nveglglessink, can I choose between HDMI and DP monitor?

I’m using a Jetson Nano Developer Kit with an HDMI monitor and a DP monitor.

When I use nvoverlaysink, I can use “display-id=1” to play on the DP monitor, “display-id=0” to play on the HDMI monitor. So I can play two 4K 30fps videos on two monitors at the same time.

But for nveglglessink, it always plays on the HDMI monitor. Is there any way to play on the DP monitor?

This “display” property looks close, but I haven’t figured out what value should be passed to it.

$ gst-inspect-1.0 nveglglessink
  display             : If set, the sink will use the passed X Display for rendering
                        flags: readable, writable

Hi Harry16,

Please try to use window-x,window-y, window-width and window-height to see if it is possible to draw on different display.

Thank you, Wayne. It’s such a simple solution, and it works perfectly.

When I use two 4K monitors, videos play on HDMI if window-x is between 0 and 3840, on DP if window-x is between 3840 and 7680.