When will NVCC support C++20 concepts?

As asked in the title. All information I can find at the moment is heavily outdated.

Cuda Toolkit 12, just released:
" * NVCC and NVRTC now support the c++20 dialect. Most of the language features are available in host and device code; some such as coroutines are not supported in device code. Modules are not supported for both host and device code. Host Compiler Minimum Versions: GCC 10, Clang 11, VS2022, Arm C/C++ 22.x. Refer to the individual Host Compiler documentation for other feature limitations. Note that a compilation issue in C++20 mode with header mentioning an internal function std::_Bit_cast is resolved in VS2022 17.4.

  • NVRTC default C++ dialect changed from C++14 to C++17. Refer to the ISO C++ standard for reference on the feature set and compatibility between the dialects."

Yep, was over the moon when I heard that they would support it!