When will Nvidia Start to provide real support for Laptops

I have a 780 Ghz Edition on my desktop. I been using proprietary drivers for it since I ordered it. No issues to report and have been very happy with my purchase for Linux use only. I bought a 750ti for my daughter’s computer that she build over the summer. She also only runs Linux also. I have always stayed with Nvidia products because in my opinion they provide the best driver support in Linux.

Now my laptop is a different situation. I am having to rely to open source projects to enable the hybrid drivers. Now this seems all good and dandy but sometimes it’s unreliable. Currently primusrun stop working and now need to spend some time to figure out why.

My question is when will Nvidia start to make drivers to take care of switching for Linux. I spend extra money for a dedicated Video Card on my laptop and I don’t feel Nvidia is doing enough to support their product in Linux in laptops.

I am in no means a programmer, I am a power user that wants things to just work. I dont care if it’s proprietary or open source but I do want things to work.

Current my laptop has an Intel 4800M with a Nvidia 765M. Please Nvidia dont have me just buy the highest end Intel GPU Iris and stop avoiding all these issues. Do what you need to do to provide the same support you provide on my desktop on my laptop.

If I could go into the BIOS of my laptop and DISABLE the intel video card and just run Nvidia I would but I cant.

Please help your users.



Just go into the nvidia x-server settings application and set it to the NVIDIA card and reboot… it’s the same effect as disabling the intel card.

Besides, the power saving mode doesn’t 100% work. :P

That function was added by Ubuntu so not everyone will have it