When will Omniverse have an alternative to Wrnch? Any suggestions on an alternative to use until then?

Just wondering if anyone can help me find an AI motion capture option that’s halfway decent.

They shall release new own Nvidia sensorless motion capt system quite early next year.

Meanwhile you can contact this company:

…and apply a trial :)

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Trying RADiCAL…

Runtime Error: in Open at line 867 of E:\w\da639afa0455b478\USD\pxr\usd\usd\stage.cpp – Failed to open layer @omniverse://localhost/Users/admin/RadicalCharOmni.usd@
Failure to open stage. Exiting.

it seems stage.cpp is trying to read the .usd from a wrong folder. RadicalCharOmni.usd is under my username (not admin)

Hi Everyone! I messaged the dev team to give us more information. I hope to hear back shortly!