When will the connector for Unity be released?

Unity has been mentioned in many documents, but when will it be released?

Unity has been in the process of developing a USD plugin. Once its ready, we will connect it to Omniverse. We are reaching out to Unity to get an update on the progress.

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Thank you for your reply,So it’s going to take a while


Would you have an update on when the connector will be available for Unity?



Any news for the Unity connector?

We would absolutely love to have Unity as one of our Connectors! Unity is in the process of developing a USD plugin that we can connect to Omniverse. Unfortunately, with the current issues from the COVID pandemic, some priorities have shifted for their team. We don’t expect to see this plugin available this year.

Please keep pinging this post so that we can show how much interest there is in adding Unity as a Connector!

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Please read the current threads on the USD file format at the Unity forums: