When will wrinkle meshes be included in PhysX SDK?

The paper Wrinkle Meshes was published by Dr. Matthias Müller-Fischer, who propose core algorithms of PhysX, at 2010. I’m wondering when will it be included in PhysX, or maybe it had already been included? Could anybody tell me? Thanks.


I recall that some work had been done to develop wrinkle meshes in the Clothing feature (the ‘APEX’ API), I’ll have to check to see whether it was ever released.

Great! I’m looking forward to your reply.

It was never released. I think we decided that the visual improvement wasn’t obvious for most assets we examined, so we decided to postpone it in favor of other work.

I see. Thanks a lot.
btw, could you answer the question I post just now? It is about GPU cloth.,thanks.