Where are the files for ROS cross compilation

I am preparing to make cros compilation for ROS.
I followed the instructions and met a problem in the first step.

When to install the ubuntu-xenial arm64 root file system, the following files are neccessary.


Where can I find them?
What does and <build_id> mean? Where can I refer to?

Hi Liang_Qi,
the files you are referring to are part of the DriveOS downloaded files needed in order to install the Drive SDK/ PDK on the host computer.

When installing using SDKManager the Drive SW 10 for example, if you haven’t change the download directory that SDKManager uses, than SDKManager downloads all necessary files (the ones you mentioned are among them) to: ~/Downloads/nvidia/sdkm_downloads/
you will find the files you need over there.

  • if you only want to download the files, you can choose to download and install later

- is the DriveOS release id. for example on Drive SW 10 the release id is as the DriveOS version.

<build_id> - is the build hash code for the release. it is a unique internal number that helps identify the release id

SDKManager is downloadable from here:

Thanks for the replay.

I am using DriveSW 9.0 and I only found the following sdk files.

I can not find the following file and any file named with PDK.

I check the sdkmanager and make sure all the items are downloaded.
Where can I get PDK?
Would you give me some advice?

Hi Liang_Qi,

Could you upgrade to DRIVE Software 10.0? We are planning to create a FAQ topic (in https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/board/377/faq/ ) about how to cross compiling ROS with DRIVE Software 10.0.

Hi Liang_Qi,

the drive-t186ref-linux--<build_id>-xenial-ubuntu-rootfs.run on Drive SW 10.0 is named:

Thanks for you reply.
I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and it is hard to upgrade to 18.04 becuase it is a great change for development.

So, would you tell me how to get the following files in Driveworks9.0?

Is ROS supported by Drivework9.0 & DRIVE OS

Hi Liang_Qi,

We create a FAQ topic for cross compiling ROS with DRIVE Software 10.0.
Please try if it’s also applicable to DRIVE Software 9.0. Of course, you need to modify paths accordingly.


Thank you for the reply.

I copied the targetfs folder instead of running the .run file to make the base of target system.
Then I followed the instructions and successfully cross compiled ROS.