Where are the logcat filters saved to disk?

Hey Guys,

I have a team of developers working with the Tegra VSI and we’d like to be able to share the logcat filters between developers. Do you have any idea where they’re written down to disk?

I’ve searched the file system, the registry, I’ve even attached FileMon to Visual Studio/the VSI to find out where they’re written and I can’t find them anywhere.

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Hey Dean,

I’ll begin by saying that any part of the mechanism described below is a subject to change.

We currently use the Isolated Storage for our state persistence needs. If you’re using the latest Nsight Tegra (v1.5.1), you should be able to find all our files in the “Nsight Tegra” folder somewhere under :\ProgramData\IsolatedStorage.

We store the logcat window settings as newline-separated key-value pairs in the file named “Android Log View.dat”. The filters are serialized into the “SavedFilters” value, separated by 0x0e. Each filter is a collection of field values, separated by 0x0f. The fields are: Name, Filter by Tag, Filter by Text, Filter by PID, Filter by Log Level, Is Enabled.

Hi Dimitry,

Thanks for the info, that is well hidden. ;)



This has changed, as predicted, in TADP 4. When we asked about it in March 2015 Dmitry emailed us as follows:

“We’ve changed the settings format and location this release. All logcat-related preferences are now stored to the following folder: %LocalAppData%\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight Tegra\Settings. We’ve decided to stop using the Isolated Storage, because it was a pain to describe the settings’ exact location to the users ”

Hope this helps others to sift Android spam from their own log output!