Where are the signals VDD_PEXA_12V_RP, VDD_PEXA_3V3_RP, VDD_PEXA_3V3_AUX_RP in the E3317-A01 x16 PCIe Tx/Rx swap module


I am working on the pcb board design for E3317-A01 x16 PCIe Tx/Rx swap module.

I am not quite sure the pins for power signals like, VDD_PEXA_12V_RP, VDD_PEXA_3V3_RP, VDD_PEXA_3V3_AUX_RP, as shown below:

Zoomed in version:

Since the board is used to connect two Xavier boards, which means the power signal should come from two Xavier boards. Not sure how to connect these pins.

And for PEX RESET and PEX CLKREQ as shown below, both have a VDD_PEXA_3V3_AUX_EP signal, which I am also not sure where it comes from.

And I also cannot find connection to the signal PEXA_PRSNT_L_RP as shown below:

Thank you!

Please note this converter board will be plug into x16 PCIe slots of two Xavier, the 12V power rail is from Xavier and PEXA_PRSNT_L_RP will output to Xavier.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for the reply.

May I just ask what the difference is between signal VDD_PEXA_3V3_AUX_EP and VDD_PEXA_3V3_AUX_RP as shown below?


_EP is used for endpoint mode, _RP is for root mode.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for the reply. Then for the connector, can I just have VDD_PEXA_3V3_AUX_EP? And does no stuff shown below around 0ohm resistor mean there is an open circuit?


Sure, _EP is default option. There are two sets of switching design on E3317 board, you can just choose default design of one of them for your own board.