Where can I download libvisionworks-repo_*.deb?

The document here: https://developer.download.nvidia.com/embedded/L4T/r24_Release_v1.0/VisionWorks/VisionWorks-1.4.3-README-Linux.txt?Fqinm3PI62KQxr06glL1w52qbfZFg48n4LPrNmpXkpqY-1speScd4kR58ICD1f5g72bAg4Aqw8Np0XXtkAq2k2bh-F0UhcoBIuXowgx4heUlgX5HdStBg3HR6fDQ7BbHsuL7YoDHDqzXxBBa_tVAlLDTDc8vdD5bc5We3hibEf_aaXZ4S2BMG0-Q3Q

explains how to install the VisionWorks libraries, except that it doesn’t say where to find the debian repo required.

$ sudo dpkg -i libvisionworks-repo_<visworks_ver>_<architecture>.deb

I’m trying to get an application that requires VW running on an existing TX2.

I tried installing the SDK Manager on a Linux virtual machine (Ubuntu), but it won’t let me download anything - says I don’t have enough space, but I really do (it’s on a filesystem mounted at /media/sf_D_DRIVE).

Anyone know where I can download just the .deb archive I need?

Which Jetpack version or visworks_ver of the deb are you looking for?
Which arch amd64 or arm64?

I’m looking for the arm version.

Which version?

1.4 would work, or any other version really.

1.4 looks like it goes with Jetpack 2.2 and is really old. I cannot even get that version of Jetpack to run any longer or go back to Ubuntu 14.04. Here is one of the newer versions: JetPack 4.2.3 arm64